Excellent prospects

The wood-processing industry is traditionally one of the most important branches in Northern Scandinavia. We have every reason to believe that this situation will remain - as long as we can play our cards right, i.e. as long as we are able to analyse and follow future trends on the market and take advantage of the experience we have developed during the past 50 years. During the past 10 years we have broadened our activities considerably and can now offer our customers an even better service than before. We now have the possibility to complete our "know-how" with the important "know-when", thanks to our thorough control of shipping and distribution.

Our trade with other species than Scandinavian timber has grown during the past few years. We are able to provide large quantities of i.a. Southern Yellow Pine from the USA or Okumé from Gabon of high quality. Through Koper, Slovenia, where we have our own terminal in the port, we ship a lot of Austrian Whitewood to North African countries. We also ship a lot of German/Belgian Whitewood from Willebroek, Belgium. Recently, our dealing in Plywood from mainly China and Russia has been growing.